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Ted Cox“As an experienced non-profit professional, I know that raising money to provide essential services to people in need is a constant challenge. Please be aware that billions of dollars are going to charities every year from property donations and there is no reason why some of that money shouldn’t be going to your non-profit. One of the best fund raising ideas that you can put into practice is to have a well run property donation program.


I feel strongly that most charities do not have the expertise or the staff manpower to effectively, safely and profitably handle property donations. Therefore, it is essential that charities have a trusted organization with the experience, “know how” and the proper facilities to process property donations in a way that maximizes the income going to the charity and also maximizes the potential legal tax deduction available to the donor.

Action Donation Services® handles the property donations for some of America’s finest charities. Action’s best references are their client charities!

I was a non-profit professional for over 20 years … and based on my experience I believe that Action Donation Services® provides the very best property donation service available for charitable organizations!  That is why I have agreed to represent them to their client charities.They are ethical, honest, and they maximize the revenue going to the charity much better than anyone else.  They also do everything possible to maximize the tax deduction available to the donor. I can recommend them without reservation.”





trusted and exclusive

Action Donation Services® is really quite different than other property donation services. Most competitors pick up vehicles or boats and then either auction them off at wholesale prices or take them to a recycler. Most do not sell in the retail market. Most do nothing to repair or enhance the value of the property. Most sell the property "as-is" in the wholesale market which penalizes both the donor and the charity.

ADS goes way beyond its competitors in their efforts to maximize the value of donated property. ADS evaluates every donation and whenever financially beneficial, ADS will repair, refurbish and properly prepare donated property for sale with the goal of maximizing the selling price. Whenever feasible, they will sell property on the retail market (not wholesale) in order to achieve the maximum resale value. The importance of giving this kind of attention to improving donated property prior to sale cannot be overemphasized! This unique feature of the ADS program results in significantly more income going to client charities on the average per donation. And can increase the maximum legal tax deduction available to the donor.

As our client charities will testify, ADS goes way beyond competitors in an effort to maximize the value of donated property.


To learn how you can enjoy the benefits of the Action Donation Services® Fundraising Program and receive more information about our service including a copy of our contract for your review: Click here:




donations help kids“The Action Donation Services property donation program is great! Since May of 2003 they have sent us a substantial amount of money to help us deliver our Special Olympics sports programs to our community of athletes. Their program takes minimal staff time; they do everything for us and send us a check monthly. They are absolutely wonderful with our donors and they maximize the selling price of the donations. It’s a fabulous partnership for our local Special Olympics program.  I encourage everyone to become a part of the Action Donation Services property donation program – it’s a win-win situation for all.”

 -- Roxane Thompson, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Special Olympics, San Diego County --


donations help kids“We have been using Action Donation Services to process our auto, boat, RV, and motorcycle donations since April of 2004. We appreciate their professional, prompt and thorough handling of each donation. We are impressed with their extra mile efforts to maximize the selling price of donations whenever possible by repairing or otherwise improving donations in order to increase the return to our organization and increase the potential tax deduction possible to the donor. We also, appreciate the ability to go on-line 24/7 to view donor records. Action takes care of everything for us including sending the appropriate IRS required receipts to donors as soon as property is sold. The ADS program helps us to provide values-based programs to more than 10,000 young men and women in the Glendale, Burbank, North Hollywood, Sun Valley, Sunland, Tujunga, La Crescenta, Montrose, La Canada Flintridge and Eagle Rock communities of Los Angeles County.

 -- Jon Maeda, Scout Executive, Verdugo Hills Council, Boy Scouts of America --



Action Donation Services will make significant material improvements to donated property (whenever financially beneficial to the client charity) … in order to achieve the maximum legal tax deduction to the donor and to in maximize the net return to the client charity.  These examples are typical of the effort put into MAXIMIZING THE VALUE of charity donations handled by our service.


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We go the “extra mile” time and time again for our donors and client charities!


ADS Offers Partial Cash Payments – Our Competitors do not.

partial cash payments

The "partial cash payment" benefit is a win-win for both the donor and the charity! The ability of ADS to offer partial cash payments for qualifying property to benefit donors and client charities generally results in higher value donations and more income for the charity and allows the donor to receive some cash as well as the maximum legal tax deduction. For certain property (usually higher valued auto's, boats, and/or RV's), we are able to offer the donor a "partial cash payment" as an incentive to donate the property to one of our client charities. ADS utilizes its own capital to execute these transactions which the IRS refers to as "bargain sales". This is an extremely valuable and unique service.


The ADS Program is Completely "Turn-key"

The ADS program requires little or no additional client charity staff time or personnel to implement. We handle everything for our client charities including taking the phone calls, scheduling pickups, preparing donated property for sale, handling all the legal paperwork, and providing donors with the proper IRS required donation receipts. Action's attention to detail and compliance with all IRS and DMV regulations insures there is absolutely no risk to utilize our program. Our highly experienced staff is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service to charity donors and client charities.


ADS Provides 24/7 Donation Tracking and On-line Reports to Client Charities

Donation ProcessOur state of the art database allows us to track and manage all donated property with just a few keystrokes. Our client charities have 24/7 access to our database allowing them to track any of their donations from the time the donation is offered until the donation is sold and the official IRS receipt and thank you for the charity is sent to the donor. Additionally, our client charities have 24/7 real-time access to Inventory Reports, Donor Source Reports, Sold Inventory Reports and they can download at any time in Excel format all donor information so they can add donors to their mailing lists. We know of no competitor who offers such comprehensive tracking and reporting services to their client charities. Comprehensive hard copy reports for every donation are also sent to the charity with their funding check. Funding checks are sent to the charity like clockwork for sold property.


We Advertise to Benefit Our Client Charities


We advertise to benefit our client charities using print media (such as Yellow pages and other print media) and on the internet. We do not charge our client charities for our print media advertising! This is an incredible benefit to our client charities. Sixty to ninety percent of the donations going to many of our client charities are coming from our ADS advertising. These are donations that they would not otherwise receive!


Other Important Benefits


ADS protects client charities and their boards by carrying exceptional liability insurance coverage. Our Agreement (contract) complies with all known IRS guidelines and state statutes. It contains unique language intended to protect the charity's image and reputation and its board members. It establishes an "agent" relationship as required by the IRS. Our Agreement can be cancelled by the charity at any time without cause.


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for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Action Donation Services® Program



It is most important that charities do a thorough “due diligence” comparison of property donation services before contracting with a car donation facilitator. Unfortunately there are some very “undesirable” programs in the market place. We are confident that whether you check our program first or last … you will learn that Action Donation Services® has the best program available by far. Here are some tips for “checking out” a property donation facilitator:


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Do not decide on a service on the basis of “percentage of sale” to the charity alone. You get what you pay for. The processing of car donations is very competitive, complex and expensive … and if the percentage promised to the charity sounds “too good to be true”, it probably is. Although “percentages” are important … it is more important to compare competing benefits … for example, learn if the facilitator maximizes the value of each donation. Ask if they sell retail. Ask if they repair donated property, etc. If they don’t repair and improve property your facilitator will be leaving a lot of money on the table … and you may receive perhaps as much as 300% less than you could otherwise receive – and as a result “short changing” the donor in regard to the donors potential tax deduction

donate now! Beware of services that claim to charge only a flat fee for handling your property donations and “you get the rest”. For example, if the service says they only charge $250 per vehicle plus the towing charge (which averages about $100) – look out! What they may not be telling you is that the average selling price of donations these days for facilitators who simply pick up vehicles and either take them to the recycler or wholesale them is approximately $400 or less. Most of the donations accepted under this plan may return to the charity $50 per donation or less. When donors receive their receipt and learn that their donation sold for $400 or less – they are often not happy – and this reflects badly on the charity.
donate now! Ask for Client Charity References. If the service does not want you to talk to their clients, go somewhere else. Be sure to talk to some of the facilitators’ client charities.
donate now! Does the facilitator do any advertising or internet promotion to benefit the charity? Do they provide any free advertising? Are you completely on your own when it comes to promoting your car donation program?
donate now! Read the contract provided by the service provider carefully. You must have a contract that clearly establishes an “agent” relationship between you and your facilitator. If this relationship does not exist the IRS will disallow any claimed tax deduction by your donor. This creates very unhappy donors and may result in legal action taken against your charity – or at the least some bad publicity. Also make sure there are plenty of protections for the charity included in the contract. The insurance and liability coverage provided by the facilitator should be spelled out in the contract. Make sure you can cancel the contract at any time without cause. The best and most ethical facilitators will not be afraid to allow you to cancel at any time if you are not completely satisfied with their service!
donate now! Read the IRS publication, “A Charities Guide to Car Donations”: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-tege/pub4302.pdf

donate now! Click here for a SUMMARY OF ADS BENEFITS that you can use as a CHECKLIST to compare Action Donation Services with competing services. You will see there really is no comparison.

Click here: http://www.actiondonation.org/ADS/ApplicationAgreement.aspx to learn how you can enjoy the benefits of the Action Donation Services® Fundraising Program.



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