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ALABAMA Area Car Donations: Donate a Car, Boat, Yacht, used Truck or RV to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and possibly a Partial Cash Payment.


Now it’s easy in the state of Alabama for you to benefit those in need! Make a difference by donating your used RV, motorhome, car, boat, truck, motorcycle, aircraft, or heavy construction equipment to a charity of your choice. Action Donation Services® is available in the areas of Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Dothan, Decatur, Auburn and multiple other communities in Alabama. When you donate a car or other property using Action Car Donation Services™ the process of donating: from evaluation of your car donation to pickup is so fast and easy! We are happy to tow any accepted donation from just about any place in Alabama, or nationwide, for absolutely no fee from you! You pay nothing for this convenience – approved pickups are scheduled upon your request at your convenience. Obtain a quick evaluation with “no obligation”, to ensure your car, truck, RV, or boat donation will be profitable for your selected non-profit organization:


action_donation Call our toll free number now and talk to one of our courteous operators who are on duty 7 days a week, 1 (866) 244-8464, or


action_donation Complete our On-Line Car Donation Evaluation Form. It only takes a few minutes!


Pickups are scheduled at donors convenience. Free towing 7 days a Week.



ACTION DONATION SERVICES® believes that they may be the only service in the Alabama area that “GOES THE EXTRA MILE” in order to maximize your tax deduction and raise the value of your Truck, Car, Boat, Motorcycle, Aircraft, RV, or other Used Vehicle!

trusted and exclusive

Action Donation wants to help you give back to the “Heart of Dixie”. That is why we go the extra mile in making sure our donation service is the best available for benefiting the charity and the donor in every possible way. Unlike most of our competitors, we take the time to repair and refurbish your property whenever it is economically feasible – increasing the worth of your property and maximizing your sales price and probable tax deduction. Not every donation service does this in fact – most don’t! Action Donation does whenever it is profitable for the organization involved. Another way we achieve the most money possible for your donation is by using retail markets around the nation, not just recyclers or wholesale markets around Alabama. Several of America’s best respected charities have chosen Action Donation to handle this process, because we deliver outstanding results over and over again. Let us do the work and we guarantee that our team will do everything possible to obtain the best price for your vehicle donation, allowing you to make a bigger difference for your charity and receive the highest possible legal tax deduction. (Be sure to consult a tax advisor when claiming your tax deductions!).


We believe that you’ll get the most out of your contribution by using Action Donation. We maintain working agreements with many of the finest towing and auction companies in Alabama, and all over the nation. We also have our own personal retail facilities and auction facilities – which allows us to keep handling fees low in order to better benefit the community. The Action team proudly upholds a tradition of excellent customer service and total satisfaction for each and every client. We consider ourselves the #1 property donation facilitator in the USA!


And you won’t have to worry at all; because we make the whole process absolutely hassle-free! ADS will send you all the necessary receipts and IRS forms immediately after we sell your used car, truck, boat, or RV. We are devoted to doing all that we can in order to give you a great donation experience every time you use our service.


See How Action Donation Services often makes significant material improvements to used vehicle donations (whenever profitable for the charity). Our service makes possible in many cases a bigger legal tax deduction for the donor and often increases the income to the client charity. Here are just a few examples of how we consistently exceed expectations when it comes to MAXIMIZING THE VALUE of our property donations.

Maximum Legal Tax Deduction Available in Florida


We’ll go the “extra mile” every time for our donors and client charities!


Remember Why Action Donation is Better than the Rest!

Our service is very unique. Most other facilitators simply pickup and then deliver the donation to a recycler or wholesale auction. It is rare for them to make improvements on your used vehicle. WE WILL whenever we possibly can! ADS understands that obtaining the best sale price largely benefits each party giving the largest possible amount to the charity and the greatest likely tax deduction to the donor. If requested, we can even provide partial cash payments (IRS “bargain sale”) in qualifying cases. Wondering if your used car donation might be eligible for such a payment? All you have to do is click here to learn about how recent tax laws and IRS guidelines might impact your donation experience. Don’t delay - please call this toll free number today, 1-866-244-8464. Or, you can quickly complete our on-line donation form – remember, you are under no obligation by doing so.


Click Here for Charity Listing and On-line Evaluation Form


        That the state of Alabama has

        survived some pretty serious weather?

Summers in Alabama average over 90 degrees every day – the hottest in the nation.
Aside from Florida, Alabama has more thunderstorms every year than any other state.
Large hail and frequent lightening are not uncommon. In fact, Alabama is 7th in the nation for number of deaths from lightening strikes.
Along with Kansas, Alabama experiences more F5 tornadoes than any other state.
Alabama is one of the only locations in the world that experiences not only one severe weather season in the spring, but a secondary tornado season in the fall.


How weathered is your used car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or RV?

Could it survive a few more miles on behalf of a good cause? Find out today

Call us and contribute to your favorite Alabama charity! 1-866-244-8464



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If you are an Alabama non-profit or charity with an interest in starting a “turn key” car donation fund raising program, please visit our Start a Car Donation Fundraising Program web page and learn why our charity service is superior to all others!


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