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IDAHO Area Car Donations: Donate a Car, Boat, Yacht, used Truck or RV to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and possibly a Partial Cash Payment.


You can help make the world a better place when you donate a car, used motorhome, RV, Jet-Ski, boat, motorcycle, truck, heavy farm or construction equipment, or aircraft to charity. In Idaho it’s so quick and painless to donate a car or other used vehicle to a good cause. Simply call Action Car Donation Services™ and we’ll do the rest! When you make a car donation pick up is always FREE to you for qualified donated property. Take advantage of our fast and professional service throughout Idaho, including Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello. If you’ve ever thought, “I want to donate my boat to charity” or “I want to donate my car” then contact Action Car Donation now and donate your vehicle, boat or other property: Call our toll-free number or fill in the Action Donation on-line evaluation form.


action_donation Call our toll free number now and talk to one of our courteous operators who are on duty 7 days a week, 1 (866) 244-8464, or


action_donation Complete our On-Line Car Donation Evaluation Form. It only takes a few minutes!


Pickups are scheduled at donors convenience. Free towing 7 days a Week.



ACTION DONATION SERVICES® delivers the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS for you and your selected charity when you donate a Car, Truck, Boat, used Aircraft, Heavy Construction Equipment, Motorhome or Motorcycle in the “Gem State”.

trusted and exclusive See below three great reasons why we believe Action Donation Services® is the best in the business as do our respected client charity chapters such as American Red Cross, Special Olympics, Boy Scouts, Burn Institute, Ronald McDonald Houses, United Cerebral Palsy, Armed Services YMCA, Paralyzed Veterans Association, YWCA and more. We pick up qualified donations nationwide!


1. Action will repair or refurbish your donated property whenever it is in the best interest of the charity – when we do so – this will usually help you to qualify for a larger TAX DEDUCTION and generate MORE INCOME for your selected charity! Generally, tax laws give donors a tax deduction equal to the gross selling price of their donation – we do everything we can to maximize the value of your donation – most of our competitors do not.


2. Whenever beneficial to your charity, Action will sell your used vehicle RETAIL, instead of wholesale. By doing so, we hope to increase the “worth” of your donation. Whenever you donate a car, RV, or other property to charity you can be confident that we will always strive to obtain the best sales price possible for your donation.


3. There is no need to worry when you choose ADS to handle your donations. The Idaho team will do all the work for you - including providing your required IRS receipts – which are always mailed to you immediately after the donated vehicle or other property is sold.


If you want to donate a car in Idaho, donate a motorhome to charity, donate a boat, truck, Jet-Ski, heavy construction or farm equipment and be eligible for a tax deduction and possibly a partial cash payment, contact Action Donation Services®! We’ll always go the extra mile for our donors!



Action Donation Services® will make improvements (whenever in the best interest of the charity) to donated cars, trucks, boats, RV’s, and more. This usually results in a larger tax deduction for the donor and increased cash for the charity. See below for a few examples of donated property that Action “fixed up” in order to MAXIMIZE THE VALUE of the donation.


Action Donation Services in Idaho.


We go consistently “go all out” when you donate a car or boat in Idaho!


trusted and exclusive


Attention Idaho Donors: Action Donation Services® offers a unique opportunity and possibly some cash!

See if you qualify



If you live in Idaho and own “High Value/High Worth” property that you are contemplating donating -- you may qualify for a “Partial Cash Payment” when you donate a car, boat, RV or other property to charity. If that interests you, find out if you could receive cash and a legal tax deduction by calling 866 2-GIVING.






There's more to Idaho than great potatoes!

Idaho is properly called the “Gem State” because over 70 types of semi-precious and precious stones are produced there, some of which can be found nowhere else in the world.
One of the highest mountain ranges in Idaho, Seven Devils’ Peaks includes Heaven’s Gate Lookout where tourists can look into four states.
Since 1990, Idaho has grown by 386,000 – 38% -- one of the fastest growing states in the nation!


There’s “more” for Idahoans: please SPARE YOURSELF THE “HASSLE” of trying to sell your no longer needed property: donate a car, boat, truck or RV to charity! Call 866 244-8464 or 866 2-GIVING.   


Follow this link if you are a charity (501 c 3) in Idaho and would like to increase your cash flow click here for more information about the Action Donation Services® Car Donation Fundraising Program. Learn why many respected charity chapters like Boy Scouts, American Red Cross, YWCA, Paralyzed Veterans Association, Burn Institute, Armed Services YMCA, Special Olympics, United Cerebral Palsy, and Ronald McDonald Houses choose ADS to process their donations. Please take a few minutes to “check us out” – you’ll be glad you did.


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