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MASSACHUSETTS Area Car Donations: Donate a Car, Boat, Yacht, used Truck or RV to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and possibly a Partial Cash Payment.


Help improve the lives of the abused, battered, ill, hungry, and homeless when you donate a car, used vehicle, boat, yacht, motorhome, RV, truck, aircraft, or heavy farm or construction equipment to your selected charity. Action Car Donation Services™ provides fast and convenient service throughout the state of Massachusetts including the cities of Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge and all other areas of Massachusetts. There is no charge for picking up a qualified car donation or other property donation throughout Massachusetts -- or anywhere in the U.S.A. It should take you only a few minutes to provide us with the information that will make possible a “no obligation” evaluation of your contemplated property donation to be sure it will be profitable for your favorite charity. Please complete our on-line donation form or call our toll free number. Car donations are handled fast and “worry free” in Massachusetts by Action Car & Boat Donation Services™ benefiting some of America’s finest charities.


action_donation Call our toll free number now and talk to one of our courteous operators who are on duty 7 days a week, 1 (866) 244-8464, or


action_donation Complete our On-Line Car Donation Evaluation Form. It only takes a few minutes!


Pickups are scheduled at donors convenience. Free towing 7 days a Week.



ACTION DONATION SERVICES® is unquestionably the FINEST DONATION SERVICE available in the Massachusetts area!

trusted and exclusive We believe that we may be the only property donation facilitator in the “Bay State” that truly tries to help both you and your selected charity by maximizing the dollar value of whatever you donate. Many well-known charities put their faith in our service because we regularly go the “extra mile” in our efforts to improve the selling price of donations. Whenever possible we will sell property in the retail market as opposed to the wholesale market in order to increase the sales price. Most of our competitors only sell donations wholesale we sell retail whenever possible. Maximizing the selling price whenever it makes economic sense is what sets ADS apart from competing donation programs. We are totally committed to doing everything reasonable to obtain top dollar for your property donation, so you will have the largest possible legal tax deduction. (Note: we recommend that you should always consult with your tax advisor before computing your property donation tax deduction!).


We have agreements with some of the finest and most reliable towing, and property sales companies in Massachusetts and throughout the nation. The employee team at Action Donation Services® is committed to delivering “top notch” service to every donor! Best of all, our entire process is fast, easy and worry free! We take care of everything. We are meticulous about sending you all the proper IRS receipts and forms as soon as your donation is sold.



SEE FOR YOURSELF! Here are just a few examples of the “extra mile” effort we consistently put into MAXIMIZING THE SALES PRICE of our property donations. Action Donation will make significant material improvements to your used Car, Boat, RV, etc. (whenever financially beneficial to the client charity) so that you can claim the maximum legal tax deduction and increase the net to the client charity.

Maximum Legal Tax Deduction Available in Florida


We go “above and beyond” time and time again for our donors and client charities!


Don’t Forget Why Our Service is the Best in Massachusetts!

The Action Donation program is quite unique when compared with other programs. The majority of our competitors’ pickup the used vehicle or other property and then sell it at a wholesale auction or sell it to a recycling company. Competitors rarely do anything to significantly improve the value of your property donation. WE FREQUENTLY MAKE SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS whenever it is economically beneficial to our client charity! We know that striving for the largest possible sales price can materially reward both the donor and the charity. Action Donation can even offer to some donors a “partial cash payment” for a higher value property donation. For qualified property, you may be able to receive some cash when you make the donation and also receive a legal tax deduction when the property is sold. Find out if your donation might qualify for a partial cash payment by calling our toll free number at 1-866-244-8464, or fill in our on-line evaluation form. There is of course absolutely no obligation to make a donation when receiving an evaluation of your contemplated donation.



We Love Massachusetts Boats, Yachts, and RV Donations!

Many other services do not want to be bothered with RV and boat donations. Unfortunately the majority of our competitors do very little to improve the value of such donations. Action Donation Services® will make significant repairs whenever it makes economic sense for our client charity. We sell many donations in the retail market versus selling wholesale.


Action Donation Services® rebuilt the engine of this recently donated boat prior to selling it in order to make available the maximum legal tax deduction to the donor and to increase the net to the client charity. This donation is typical of the effort put into MAXIMIZING THE VALUE of charity donations handled by our service. We often make significant material improvements to donated RV’s and Motorhomes (whenever financially beneficial) in order to increase the selling price of the donation. Body work and new paint, engine and transmission repairs, and new interiors are typical of the effort put into INCREASING THE VALUE of charity donations processed for some of America’s finest charities by Action Donation Services®


Did you know this about Massachusetts?

The original inhabitants of Massachusetts consisted of several Algonquian tribes. The first European settlers were the Pilgrims who in 1620 established their settlement at Plymouth.
The American Revolutions first battles took place in the Massachusetts towns of Concord and Lexington.
The major airport in the state is Logan International Airport. The airport is a hub for major airlines.
Yachting and boating are popular all along the coast of Massachusetts coast and its offshore islands. Cross-country sking and hiking are popular activities in many of the states undeveloped areas.


Please take that well traveled Massachusetts property donation that is no longer needed and donate it to charity! Call our toll free number, 866 244-8464 or complete our on-line evaluation form and see if your proposed donation is acceptable for your charity.


If you are a Massachusetts 501 c 3 charity or non-profit and would like more information about the Action Donation Services® program click here. Visit our Start a Car Donation Fundraising Program web page and see why some of America’s finest charity chapters such as Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House, Armed Services YMCA, United Cerebral Palsy, YWCA, American Red Cross and the Boy Scouts use our service.


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