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Your donation of a car, boat or motorhome will help children and adults in San Francisco.


San Francisco Bay Area Car Donations: Donate a Car, Boat, Yacht, used Truck or RV to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and possibly a Partial Cash Payment.


You can help San Francisco area charities and those in need by donating a car, boat, yacht, RV, truck, aircraft, used snowmobile, Jet Ski or other property to your favorite local charity. When you donate a car, boat or other property our service in the San Francisco area is fast, easy and convenient! There is absolutely no charge for pickup locally or nationwide. If you have been thinking, “maybe I should consider donating my car” “or maybe I should donate my boat or RV” -- You can quickly receive a “no obligation” evaluation to make sure your potential car donation is acceptable to your charity of choice by proceeding in one of two ways:


Your car donation can benefit the fine charities and residents of San Diego and surrounding areas. You can donate a car, boat, yacht, used RV, truck, aircraft, snowmobile, Jet Ski or other property to your favorite local charity. Our car donation, boat, RV and other property donation service in San Diego is fast, easy and hassle free! There is absolutely no charge for pickup locally or nationwide. If you have been thinking, “maybe I should consider donating my car” “or maybe donating my boat or RV” -- You can quickly receive a “no obligation” evaluation to make sure your potential donation is acceptable to your charity of choice by proceeding in one of two ways:


action_donation Call our toll free number now and talk to one of our courteous operators who are on duty 7 days a week, 1 (866) 244-8464, or


action_donation Complete our On-Line Car Donation Evaluation Form. It only takes a few minutes!


Pickups are scheduled at donors convenience. Free towing 7 days a Week.



Why ACTION DONATION SERVICES is the BEST SERVICE to handle your Car, Truck, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Aircraft or other Property Donations in the San Francisco area:


We often sell donations retail in San Francisco area to increase the tax deduction available to the donor.

Our Southern California two acre processing center is used to maximize the value of donations benefiting the donor and the charity. We do this by “fixing up” and selling donations when feasible in both the wholesale and retail markets. We believe that we are the only company in the area processing donations for some of America’s finest charities in a way that maximizes the potential tax deduction for donors and maximizes the income going to the charity!

We are trusted by and have exclusive agreements in the San Francisco area to process donations for some of America’s finest charities. We are meticulous in following DMV and IRS rulings and guidelines. We provide all the necessary receipts and IRS forms promptly to donors.

Most of our competitors simply pickup the vehicle and take it to a recycler or a wholesale auction. We do much more whenever feasible for the donor and the charity! Maximizing the dollar value of donations greatly benefits both the donor and the charity … providing increased income for the charity and the highest possible legal tax deductions for the donor. We offer the potential of partial cash payments (IRS “bargain sale”) to donors for higher value donations. In addition to having our own auction and retail facilities convenient to San Francisco, we contract with the most reputable towing and auction companies in the nation, allowing us to minimize handling fees and maximize the return on all donated property nationwide. We are totally dedicated to providing friendly and competent customer service to every donor. Action Donation Services prides itself on operating the finest charity property donation facilitating company in the nation!


Call Now to Donate a Car, Boat, RV, Truck or Motorcycle:

1 (866) 244-8464, or complete our fast & easy

On-line Car & Boat Donation Evaluation Form


Donors recommend Action Donation Services!

“I recently had a terrible time trying to donate an old boat and trailer. I was very discouraged after a number of charities and their car donation services refused my donation. Some said they didn?t need any boats, others said they no longer accepted boats, etc. I also knew my title transfer would be difficult because the boat title had been transferred several times between more than one state. I am so thankful I found Action Donation Services ? they gladly accepted my donation ? handled my title issues effectively ? and the whole thing was a pleasure. I was thrilled to donate the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House in my area. Thank you Action!”


-- John, (ID# 58E888) –


“My old motorhome had several problems that needed to be repaired, so I decided to donate it to a local charity serviced by Action Donation Services. What a really wonderful experience that was ? Action fixed up my 1987 motorhome and then sold if for $7,000! I was happy to help a great charity and also receive a tax deduction. I have no hesitation in recommending ADS to anyone.”.


-- Douglas, (ID# 313123) --


Three featured client charities that love our property donation service!

Click on any of the local charities below to obtain a “no obligation” evaluation of your potential used vehicle, boat, motorhome, truck, or personal watercraft donation. You are under no obligation to donate to your selected charity by completing our on-line evaluation form.


Blue Bear School of Musc

Your car, boat or RV donation will help aspiring musicians of all ages.Auto donations for Blue BearBlue Bear School of Music is San Francisco’s leading destination for aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels who want to enjoy learning and playing rock, blues, jazz, folk or pop. Blue Bear is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 and is a place where playing and learning music is fun and affordable.


Recently Blue Bear has made youth and community outreach music programs  a high priority, serving over 1,200 youth in 2009.


Your donation of a no longer needed auto, boat, yacht, RV or truck can help bring music students together with the finest music professionals so they can achieve their musical goals for acoustic guitar, voice, piano, electric guitar, bass, drums, horns, songwriting, bands and ensembles. Watch a short video and learn more about Blue Bear School of Music and see how your donation of a car, boat, motorhome, truck or heavy equipment can help aspiring musicians of all ages.


Donate a car, boat or RV to Blue Bear and help children! Two minute version: http://www.bluebearmusic.org/bluebear_viewer.html


Five minute version: http://www.bluebearmusic.org/bluebear_viewer_full.html


Click here to receive a no-obligation evaluation of your potential donation or call toll free (866) 244-8464. Support the Blue Bear School of Music: Itís Time to Play


donate your RV or Motorcycle


“Courteous service and efficient handling of donated property has been our experience with Action Donation Services. efforts on our behalf and especially the donations that they refer to us from their free advertising which results in donations that we would not otherwise receive. We can recommend them without reservation.


 -- James A. Floros, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, Burn Institute


Donate a car, boat or RV to help Ronald McDonald House.
“Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California has been using Action Donation Services to process its auto, boat, RV, and motorcycle donations for more than 3 years. We are very pleased with the work they do for us. They are reliable and dependable. Action Donation Services usually picks up within 24 hours and promptly provides the required receipts to our donors. We are especially pleased with the "extra mile" effort they put into maximizing the selling price of donations whenever possible which benefits both our program and our donors by giving them the largest, potential tax deduction”.


-- William Carey, Director of Finance, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California: Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, Pasadena Ronald McDonald House, Orange County Ronald McDonald House, Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House, Orange County Ronald McDonald House, and Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House–


More Local and National Client Charities


Action Donation Services will make significant material improvements to donated property (whenever financially beneficial to the client charity) … in order to achieve the maximum legal tax deduction to the donor and to in maximize the net return to the client charity.  These examples are typical of the effort put into MAXIMIZING THE VALUE of charity donations handled by our service.


Significant Material Improvements - San Francisco


We go the “extra mile” time and time again for our donors and client charities!



We can process for client charities just about anything that is financially beneficial for the charities we service. These items include but are not limited to: cars, sailboats, trucks, minivans, motorcycles, RVs, campers, jet skis, boats, planes, heavy equipment (forklifts, etc), aircraft and a variety of collectibles. Not too long ago, we accepted for a client charity two valuable race horses! On another occasion we accepted two trash trucks and then did a complete mechanical and appearance update to the trucks before selling them at a premium price to benefit a client charity. We often sell our property donations on the retail market to get the best price rather than the wholesale market.

We do not accept furniture, used clothing or household goods however.  If you are not sure, or don't see your item listed here, please describe your potential donation using our “no obligation” on-line donation form or call us toll free at: (866) 2-GIVING / 866-244-8464 and one of our representatives will assist you.

Our goal is to assist your chosen charity to generate much needed funding for their organization. With this in mind, we can only accept property that will have a positive financial impact for these organizations. There is absolutely no obligation to donate when you discuss with us either on-line or on the telephone the property donation you are considering. Often “high value” donations are eligible for a partial cash payment if the donor desires to receive some cash as well as a tax deduction. Please call us any time at our toll free number : (866) 2-GIVING / 866-244-8464 and a representative will be happy to assist you in determining if your property can be accepted.

In most states, a valid certificate of title or deed of trust, clear of liens and transferable is required. In California, property registered with the DMV, simply requires a valid registration (clear of liens) in donor's name will suffice as long as the property is transferable. Please contact us toll free: (866) 2-GIVING or 866-244-8464 for assistance.

No Hassles

By donating, you do not have to worry about selling the property yourself, including: low offers, providing “test drives” to unknown persons, mechanical repairs, liability issues or advertising expenses. The time consuming process of showing and selling your property to a complete stranger could pose a potential risk to you and/or your family. Please help the charity of your choice and let Action Donation Services® handle everything for you and your charity.


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