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UTAH Area Car Donations: Donate a Car, Boat, Yacht, used Truck or RV to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and possibly a Partial Cash Payment.


Help those in need in Utah by donating a used car, boat, RV, heavy equipment, farm equipment, truck, motorcycle or jet ski to a local Utah charity. Service in Salt Lake, Orem, Ogden, St. George, Provo, and other Utah cities is prompt and "hassle" free! We pick up free of charge. You can quickly receive a "no obligation" evaluation of your contemplated used vehicle, boat, truck, motorhome or other property donation by either calling our toll free number or completing our on-line donation form:


action_donation Call our toll free number now and talk to one of our courteous operators who are on duty 7 days a week, 1 (866) 244-8464, or


action_donation Complete our On-Line Car Donation Evaluation Form. It only takes a few minutes!


Pickups are scheduled at donors convenience. Free towing 7 days a Week.



ACTION DONATION SERVICES® is the CLEAR CHOICE for maximizing the selling price of your Donated Used Vehicle, Boat, Motorhome, Truck, or Heavy Equipment in the Utah area:

trusted and exclusive We do everything reasonable that we can to significantly increase the value of donated property! We do this by "repairing" and marketing donations whenever possible in both the retail and wholesale markets. We may be the only company in the Utah area processing donations for client charities using methods that significantly increase the potential tax deduction for donors and maximizes the income going to the charity!

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Most of our competitors pickup a vehicle or other donated property and take it directly to a wholesaler or to a recycler; they do little or nothing to enhance its value! We do much more whenever feasible for the person donating and for the charity recipient! Maximizing the sales price of donations greatly benefits both the charity and the donor ? generating increased cash for the charity and often creating for the donor the greatest legal tax deductions. We promptly send to donors all the required IRS documents and receipts as soon as donations are sold.


We can also provide the possibility of partial cash payments (IRS "bargain sale") to someone donating a "high worth" donation. In certain circumstances it is possible for a donor to receive a partial cash payment and a tax deduction as well. We have our own retail and auction facilities. We also have contracts with some of the finest auction and towing firms in the USA, which makes it possible to keep handling fees low and increase the selling price of all property donated. We are enthusiastically committed to providing fast and professional customer satisfaction to every person who donates to one of our client charities.



Action Donation Services will make significant material improvements to donated property (whenever financially beneficial to the client charity) … in order to achieve the maximum legal tax deduction to the donor and to in maximize the net return to the client charity.  These examples are typical of the effort put into MAXIMIZING THE VALUE of charity donations handled by our service.

Action Donation Services in Utah.


We go the “extra mile” time and time again for our donors and client charities!


Click here to obtain a “no obligation” evaluation of your potential used vehicle, boat, motorhome, truck, motorcycle or personal watercraft donation. Or click on one of our featured charities below. You are under no obligation to donate to your selected charity by completing our on-line evaluation form.


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How January 1, 2005 Tax Law Affects Your Tax Deduction

tax formsYour donation of a car, boat, RV or other property to charity can be a satisfying way to receive a tax deduction and help a Utah area charity.
Tax laws that went into effect January 1, 2005 were designed to eliminate the problem of some donors claiming “overstated” values for donated property. The new laws are certainly not designed to deter donors or to penalize charities. In fact, property donations are encouraged by the IRS providing legal deductions are claimed. 

In most cases, (check with your tax advisor or visit www.irs.gov ) if you itemize your deductions, and you have the proper receipt, your property donation should meet the requirements for a tax deduction. You should always check with your financial or tax advisor before claiming any deductions. For donations sold for the charity under $500, you may claim the greater of either the fair market value or the sales price (not to exceed $500). For property valued over $500, the following applies: When significant material improvements are not made to your donation, then the amount that you can claim as a deduction is determined in most cases by what it actually sells for (the gross selling price). This is why, it is very important that your charity donation facilitator makes every effort to maximize the selling price of your donation. Action Donation Services® may be the only service in the Utah area that maximizes the dollar value of donated property whenever it is financially beneficial to the charity! Your tax receipt will be mailed to you promptly as soon as your donation is sold.


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