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Donate a recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome to charity!


Donate a Motorhome or RV to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and possibly a Partial Cash Payment.


Motorhome and RV donations to your favorite charity are fast, easy and hassle free! We pick up property throughout the United States at no charge to the donor. Receive a prompt "no obligation" evaluation of your potential donation by calling our toll free number or entering your information on our on-line donation form:


action_donation Call our toll free number and talk to one of our courteous operators who are on duty 7 days a week, or

action_donation Complete our “no obligation” On-Line Donation Form.


Pickups are scheduled at donors convenience. Free towing 7 days a Week.



ACTION DONATION SERVICES® SPECIALIZES in handling RV, Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Camper and other Property Donations:


We accept donated campers and pickup shells. 

Many car donation programs don't want to be bothered with RV and motorhome donations but we love them! We specialize in handling RV, motorhome, and travel trailer donations for some of America’s finest and well known charities. We follow DMV and IRS guidelines with exactness. We provide all the required receipts and IRS forms promptly to donors. We maximize the value of donations whenever it is financially beneficial to the charity and donors by repairing and restoring donated property in order to increase its selling price.

Increasing the dollar value of donations greatly benefits both the donor and the charity … providing increased income for the charity and the highest possible legal tax deductions for the donor. We also offer the potential of partial cash payments (IRS “bargain sale”) to donors for higher value donations. In addition to having our own auction and retail facilities, we contract with the finest towing and auction companies in the nation, allowing us to minimize handling fees and maximize the return on all donated property nationwide. We are totally dedicated to providing friendly and competent customer service to every donor. Action Donation Services® prides itself on operating the finest property donation facilitating company in the nation!


Action Donation Services will make significant material improvements to donated RV’s and Motorhomes whenever financially beneficial for the client charity) … in order to achieve the maximum legal tax deduction for the donor and to maximize the net return for the client charity. These examples are typical of the effort put into MAXIMIZING THE VALUE of charity donations handled by our service.


We specialize in RV and motorhome donations!


We go the “extra mile” time and time again for our donors and client charities!


Donors love our service!


“Action Donation Services really provides a great service. I called about donating my old 35’ trailer, which had been stationary for years due to several flat tires. I knew it would be difficult to transport. But the very next day ADS came and replaced all the tires and towed it away! It was that easy! I couldn’t believe how prompt and professional they were. I would definitely recommend Action Donation Services!”


 -- Dreena, Anaheim, CA, (ID#031427) --


“We were ready to invest in a new trailer but didn’t think our old one would be worth much to sell or trade-in. We’re so happy we decided to donate it instead. Action Donation did such a great job fixing it up that they sold it for double what we expected! Thanks for the wonderful tax write-off and for allowing us to give so much to a great cause. We would definitely use Action Donation Services again and highly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation”.


-- Jill and Gregory, Temecula, CA, (ID#922868) --


Action Donation Services® is different from its auto, recreational vehicle,
boat and yacht donation competitors …


Bottom Line: Action can be counted on to Maximize the Value of your Donation which means a higher possible tax deduction … and greater net income for your favorite charity! Our competitors almost always take donations to the recycler or sell them wholesale for whatever they can get … they move them quickly … most do not take the time to maximize the value of the donation penalizing the donor and the charity. Whenever feasible, Action will “fix up”, repair and refurbish donated property to increase the selling price … and they sell many donations in the retail market bringing a much higher price than selling wholesale.


Action specializes in accepting and processing Recreational Vehicles (RV’s), motorhomes, and campers for its client charities. Look at the “extra mile” effort put into this recently donated 1990 Blue Bird Wander Lodge: air suspension and brakes repaired, interior refurbished, and exterior completely restored to like new appearance.


This donation processed for the Paralyzed Veterans Association, Mountain States Chapter is typical of the
effort made on behalf of donors and client charities.


We are experts in RV and motorhome restoration in order to increase value!


This recently donated 1990 24’ Tioga motorhome was processed for the San Diego Special Olympics by Action Donation Services®. Most competitors would never take the time to do the painting and restoration work we performed on this RV increasing its selling price significantly! This kind of effort is what makes the Action Donation Service so unique and special – and why our average selling price for property donations is significantly greater than our competitors.


We are experts in RV and motorhome restoration in order to increase value!


Action Donation Services® has the expertise to maximize the value of your recreational vehicle (RV) and motorhome donation!


Our client charities love our RV & Motorhome donation service!


Your donated RV or Motorhome will help disabled children and adults."Our Stunts-Ability program is a relatively small non-profit with limited resources. We assist people with disabilities through education, participation and self-esteem building programs. We help train and place disabled adults and children in the film industry – this year alone we helped cast over 25 feature films including Pirates of the Caribbean. Action Donation Services has been processing auto, boat and RV donations for us since April of 2003. They consistently do a terrific job for us and our donors and we appreciate the donation referrals we receive from their advertising. I believe everyone connected with Action is of the highest integrity and honesty. I can strongly recommend them to donors and charities alike".

-- David Smith, Executive Director, Stunts-Ability -- 

Your RV donation will benefit the Burn Institute.
“Courteous service and efficient handling of donated property has been our experience with Action Donation Services. They are honest, reliable and we get good feedback from our donors. We appreciate their efforts on our behalf and especially the donations that they refer to us from their free advertising which results in donations that we would not otherwise receive. We can recommend them without reservation.



-- James A. Floros, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, Burn Institute


You can receive cash for some motorhome donations.Does Your RV Donation Qualify for a Partial Cash Payment? 


For certain qualifying donations (usually higher valued boats, auto's, motorhomes and RV's), we are often able to offer the donor a "partial cash payment" as an additional "inducement" to donate to one of our client charities.  The "partial cash payment" benefit unique to the Action Donation Services program is a win-win for both you and your charity!  This unique benefit allows the donor in many cases to receive some cash as well as a tax deduction.  IF you are interested in donating property to your favorite charity and receiving some cash as well, please call our toll free number or fill in our on-line donation form to see if your donation qualifies for the "partial cash payment" option.  You will receive a prompt "no obligation" evaluation of your contemplated donation.


More about Partial Cash Payment (IRS Bargain Sale)



Link to our Start a Car Donation Fundraising program: http://www.actiondonation.org/Car-Donation-Fundraising-Program.html

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