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The following articles are provided as a service and resource to those researching or interested in charitable activity including: public and private philanthropy, charity and/or religious organization and foundation fundraising, grant making, and activity relating to property donation programming including the donation of used vehicles, boats, yachts and luxury vessels, recreational vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and heavy equipment to further charitable objectives.


1. Welfare Reform Resources - Welfare reform is an idea that involves changes in social policy to better the public of that particular country.
2. Care Care Tips - Do-it-yourself vehicle maintenance checks
3. Donating Your Computer to Charity - Donating an old or unused computer is becoming a more common occurrence and there are a few considerations that should be made before doing so.
4. Miracle Wings for Kids - Several non-profit organizations that offer “miracle wings”, meaning assistance with transportation for medical services, often at little or no cost to the family.
5. Automobile Owners Manuals - Links to owners manuals from some of the top car manufacturers.
6. Gas Saving Products - Fact or Fiction? - Are there products that improve gas efficiency?
7. Toonces the Driving Cat - Read about the loveable cat that drove the family car on the NBC tv series Saturday Night Live.
8. Charity During a Disaster - Different relief agencies whose specific missions are to provide a variety of support services during disasters.
9. Glossary of Automotive Terminology - Definitions of common Automotive terms.
10. Motorcycle Safety Tips - Some tips on motorcycle safety.
11. Car Loan Tips and Comparisons - A car is one of the most important purchases people will make within their lifetimes.
12. Charity Organizations - A listing of some of the best known charities.
13. Get Your Facts on High Octane Gasoline - Will high octane gasoline help improve the performance of your car? Find out the effects of high octange gasoline on your car.
14. Internet Resources for Non-Profits - List of organizations willing to help nonprofits get on their feet and prosper.
15. Green Your Ride - These days, more and more people are starting to turn to green vehicles to save money and help the environment.
16. Fuel Cells - What are fuel cells and how are they used today?
17. Boating Safety - Boating laws and safety tips and tricks.
18. Worst Cars Throughout History - Top 10 worst cars in history.
19. Complete Guide to Knots - Knots that are most commonly used in boating.
20. Maritime Resources - Resources available to help you set sail, whether you'd constructing your own boat or plan on joining a friend on the high seas.
21. Teen Driving Tips - Learn the many rules of teen driving.
22. Defensive Driving - Educating drivers on how to be proactive in their use of mirrors, headlights, and seatbelts, as well as teaching them concentration skills necessary to focus on the constant changing view around them, a defensive posture is learned and applied behind the wheel.
23. Maritime History Resources - Learn more about maritime history.
24. State by State RV and Towing Resources - When traveling between states, make sure you learn the towing laws of both states as laws can be quite different from one state to another.
25. The Life and Times of Jackie Robinson - Read about the history of Jackie Robinson.
26. A Guide to Nonprofits - Additional profits for learning about non-profits.
27. Guide to Giving to Chairity or Non-Profits - Tips on giving to charity.
28. Native American Watercraft - For many Native American tribes, boats were a key part of their survival. For hunting and fishing, they needed good boats so they came up with some truly ingenious designs to accomplish these tasks better.
29. More Maritime Resources - "Maritime" is a broad term that refers to various things that are related to the sea, including seafaring, ocean harvesting, shipbuilding, shipping, sailing, and other activities that take place at the sea.
30. The Life and Times of Kenny - Life and Times of Kenny Howard.
31. The History of Square Rigged Ships - By the 14th century, the construction of sailing ships really began to take off.
32. Driver Safety - Do's and don't of driving.
33. Electronic Fuel Injection - Resourcs on fuel injection.
34. The Italian Dream Machine - History of the Ferrari.
35. Staying Safe on the Water - Boating Safety Tips and Resources
36. The Saints Volvo 1800 - The Volvo 1800 made famous by the 1960's television show.
37. A Hidden Nautical Gem in Honolulu - The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum - The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, a museum dedicated to the submarine known as the "Pearl Harbor Avenger."
38. Top Ten Reasons To Donate Your Vehicle - These are arguably the top ten vehicle donation reasons in the United States
39. The Ultimate Classifieds Resource Page - A list of websites that contain classified ads for autos, employment, personals, and real estate.
40. Oceanography Resources - learn more about Oceanography and where you can further an education in this field
41. Help is Still Needed!: Continuing to Provide Hurricane Katrina Relief - Hurricane Katrina affected the Gulf Coast of the United States and is considered to be one of the most disastrous hurricanes in recent history.
42. Boaters' Savior, Tourist Delight - Florida Lighthouses - The state of Florida is home to some of the greatest examples of lighthouses in the United States and around the world.
43. Battle of Cape St. Vincent - On Valentine’s Day 1797, a fiery and bloody battle took place off the coast of Portugal between the Spanish fleet and the British fleet during the Napoleonic Wars.
44. SMART Board Resources for Teachers - a list of websites with subject-specific SMART Board resources for teachers.
45. A Guide to World Lighthouses - a resource guide to Lighthouses of the world.
46. Effect of Salt on the Boiling Temperature of Water - what happens when you add salt to boiling water?
47. Vehicle Emissions - Emissions from automobiles are one of the greatest contributing agents of air pollution in major cities across the globe.
48. Water Information for Children - Water Information for Children. Humans, plants, animals, even bugs would not be able to survive without water.
49. A Windfall of Sailing Links - A list of sailing links for for industrial, commercial, and recreational purposes.
50. The Quintessential Maritime Glossary - A typical terminology of sailors throughout the world.
51. Your Ultimate Guide to Sailing Terminology - A collection of sailing terminology.
52. The Definitive Automotive Dictionary - A dictionary of common automotive terms.
53. Guide to International Fisheries Law - A listing of various topics associated to International Fisheries Law.
54. Finding Family from Ship's Passenger Lists - links that will help you to find passenger lists and pages with information about searching for this information.
55. American Naval Fighting Ships - A resource and tribute to the U.S. Navy and its fighting ships.
56. Beaufort Wind Scale: A Closer Look - A scale that is used by seamen and coastal observers to estimate wind speed.
57. Coral Reef Information and Resources - Resources about coral reefs.
58. Everything You Need To Know About Whales - Learn Everything You Need To Know About Whales.
59. Guide to the Nobel Prize - Regarded as one of the highest awards in several fields, recognizing excellence in the sciences, literature, and even efforts to promote peace.
60. Donate Your Time: Resources for Volunteers - some resources offering dynamic volunteer experiences domestically and internationally.
61. The Ultimate Guide to Car Cosmetics - information to help serve as a guide to improve the value and appearance of your vehicle.
62. The Helmet Controversy and Bikers Rights - the debate over whether or not helmets should be mandatory for all.
63. A Life of Giving: The Complete Charity Resource - charity resources.
64. A Guide to Volunteering and Donating - A Guide to Volunteering and Donating.
65. A Boaters Guide to Dangerous Waters - Never Paddle Into Dangerous Waters: Hurricane, Tropical Storm, and Tsunami Resources.
66. A Boater's Guide to New York State's Waterway: The Erie Canal - Learn more about the Erie Canal.
67. The Ultimiate Guide to Boat Safety - What Every Seafarer Should Know.
68. Car Safety Resource Guide - Keeping passengers safe.
69. Kids & Teens Taking Action - Benefits of the 4-H Youth Program.
70. Motorcycle Sports - Motorcycle racing is a widely varied sport involving all sorts of different tracks.
71. Charities and Donating - Evaulating and finding charities.
72. A Beginner's Guide to Sailing - How to sail on your very first try.
73. Car, Boat or RV... A Crash is a Crash! - Precautions to keeping safe and out of crashes.
74. Drive Safe: A Guide to Driving your Car Safely - Some car tips on inspection, maintenance, and avoiding hazards.
75. Contributing To Charity: A Fundraising Resource Guide - Getting started with fundraisers.
76. Ship, Yacht and Boat Safety: Storms on the High Seas - Tips for preparing for the high seas.
77. Why Boats Float: All About Buoyancy - What makes a boat float?
78. The Loss of the USS Indianapolis - The story of the USS Indianapolis is one of the most intriguing in American history.
79. Avoid Donations to Phony Charities - Learn about Charity Fraud.
80. The Boat That Couldn't Sink: The Tale of the Titanic - The story of the Titanic.
81. Charity Volunteering For the Soul - The benefits of volunteering.
82. Kid's First Boating Guild - A guide for keeping children safe when boating.
83. Eco-Friendly Boating for Beginners - A guide to boating to conserve our enviornment.
84. Types of Paddle Boats - A guide to different tyeps of paddle boats and their uses.
85. Donate To A Charity: Animal Charities - A listing of animal charities.
86. Tips for Choosing a Charity - Some helpful hints on choosing a charity right for you.
87. Tips for RV Travel - Some helpful hints on traveling by RV
88. Best RV Trips in the United States - Trips on the East coast and West coast
86. Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Car - Precautions to keep your pet safe while on the road.
87. Take Action & Donate To Our Troops - Listing of organizations that support our troops and veterans.
88. Boat Donation Behind The Scenes - Donating your boat to charity certainly is a generous thing to do, but it could be financially smart, too, if you haven't been able to sell it in this market. Here's how it works.