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Toonces the Driving Cat

Toonces became a star in the early 90ís. He was a loveable cat that drove the family car on the NBC tv series Saturday Night Live. Toonces was the pet cat of Lyle and Brenda Clark (Played by Steve Martin and Victoria Jackson in the first sketch). At first the Clarks were amazed and astonished by Toonces ability to drive a car. It always turned out to be too late before the Clark's realized Toonces was actually a horrible driver. Each Toonces sequence always ended in screams of horror as the car plummeted off of a cliff.  Below are some of Toonces best clips. Enjoy!

Toonces Videos

Toonces Without A Cause

Toonces has a ride on the wheel of the car!

Toonces World of Nature

Tounces and the lizard's tail.

Toonces and the Lawn Mower                    

Tounces cuts the grass.

Toonces Plays Ping Pong

The cats can play ping pong!

Toonces Theme Song                              

And over the hill they go!

Toonces Ad


Toonces Photos


Toonces in Car

Picture of Tounces

Toonces Mug Shot

Poor Toonces.

Toonces Suspended License

No licenses to drive for Toonces!

Toonces with the Clarks

The good old days.

Other Other Toonces Sites

Who is Toonces

Some information and pictures of Toonces.

Toonces Downloadable Sound Clips

Toonces the Driving Cat information.

Celebrity Critters                                      

Best of Toonces and some friends too.

Car Donation

Where Toonces would donate a car to receive a tax deduction

Donate a boat

Where Toonces and his friends donate their no longer needed boats, yachts and luxury vessels

Toonces Sketches

Encyclopedia on Toonces.

Toonces in Wikipedia                               

Great information on Toonces.

Toonces Sister gets a DUI

Floonces the drunk gets caught drinking and driving!

Toonces Transcript

The Notting Hillbillies

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