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Running a nonprofit organization requires a lot of resources and patience. The good news is that there are lots of organizations willing to help nonprofits get on their feet and prosper.

General Sources

   Idealist: Resources to help you find everything from non-profit volunteers to campaigns and even non-profit speakers.

   NPRC: Provides guidelines about regulations that need to be followed when running or starting a non-profit organization. It also provides access and help with the forms.

   GuideStar: Encourages non-profit organizations to post their profiles so they can attract more attention and raise their profiles.

   CompassPoint Nonprofit Services: A list of useful FAQs from consulting to fundraising to funds management.

   Non-profit Support Center: Provides consulting and training to help non-profits.

   Non-profit Resource Guide: Detailed list of companies that serve non-profit organizations.

   FundServices: Director of non-profit fundraising programs, divided into categories depending on what a non-profit supports.  

Funding Opportunities

   US Grants: A list of the types of government grants available to non-profits.

   Council of Foundations: Includes over 2,000 grant-making foundations.

   COS Funding Opportunities: Here, you can search through over 400,000 funding opportunities.

   NPGuides: Lists companies and what they are typically willing to donate to non-profits.

   Corporate Funding Grants: A list of corporations that offer grants to non-profits.

   How to Start a Car, Boat, RV and Truck Donation Fundraising program.

   Jeffrey Byrne & Associates, Inc: Nationally recognized organization that is very effective in raising funds for non-profits.  


   Center for Non-Profit Management: Offers information about non-profit management training as well as information about non-profit careers.

   Alliance Online: Professional organization dedicated to improving the management of non-profits.

   Support Center: Works with organizations to help train managers.

   Nonprofit Management Solutions: This organization is a provider of management training and information resources in California.

   Institute for Nonprofit Management: Supports certification programs free of charge.

   Management Help: Tips on management of nonprofit organizations.  

Nonprofits and Technology

   TechSoup: Provides free technology information, resources, and support. It even offers technology products to nonprofits.

   Non-Profit Grants: Provides a list of grants available for technology-related funding and support tech training.

   Non-profit Technology Resources: A list of companies that do nonprofit technology work or offer technology support.

   Charity Focus: An organization that empowers nonprofits with web-based technical solutions at no charge.  


   The W.K. Kellogg Foundation: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is a major backer of multiple non-profit organizations.

   National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy: This organization helps promote all manner of philanthropy.

   Charity Watch: Helps individuals to decide which non-profits to donate to.  

Volunteer Activity

   Volunteer Match: Aims to connect non-profits with volunteers in their area.

   Points of Light: This organization has a list of volunteer centers around the United States.

While non-profit work can be very challenging, the availability of so many resources will make the jobs of nonprofit managers and workers easier. 

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