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Staying Safe on the Water - Boating Safety Tips and Resources

Boating offers people plenty of opportunities to have fun with their friends and family but it can also be dangerous. Accidents happen all the time, especially when someone has no idea how to use one. Fortunately, many safety regulations have been established to help keep people safe.

First, itís important to realize that you must have a boating license to operate a boat. You will almost always have to pass some sort of boating safety test that asks important questions. You will also be required to have certain safety equipment aboard your boat, among them a fire extinguisher and life vests, in case of emergency. There are strict laws governing how a boat is operated as well, depending on the type of boat and a boatís size. However, accidents can be considered negligence in some cases so you must be aware of the laws.

An interesting note: laws differ by state and country, so make sure you are aware of the laws of the state you are boating in.

Safety Equipment Requirements for your Boat


Prohibition Against Careless Operation

Compliance and Conformity Labels

Miscellaneous Things to Know

Boating can be quite dangerous if boating safety laws are not followed Ė but once you get the hang of following the regulations, the fun can really start!

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